Pumping Units

PPI Main Pump & Tip Pump Force Feeder

Pictured below is the PPI Main Pump and PPI Tip Pump Force Feeder.  This setup allows the operator to setup and operate efficiently.  It can be controlled through a tablet to maximize efficiency and safety.  This particular setup is equipped with a John Deere 13.5L and Cornell 6819mpc Pump.  The hydraulics off the engine also power the PPI Tip Pump Force Feeder.  For more information on this setup give us a call to discuss all the options.

Tip Pump

Tip Pump 6

Tip Pump 3

Tip Pump 7

Custom Built Pumping Units

Pictured Below is the PPI Booster Trailer Equipped with a John Deere 9.0L and a Cornell 6NHTC-19 Pump with a 8″ Booster Bypass, and a PPI Auto Booster Controller






Below is a Custom Unit setup with a John Deere 9.0L and a Cornell 4817 Pump



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