Eagle Series Toolbar

PPI Eagle Series Toolbar


At PPI Equipment we are proud to introduce the Eagle Series Toolbar.  The Eagle series is a front fold design which allows for great coverage, easy turn-arounds in the field while maintaining a narrow transport width.  The Toolbar is built extremely heavy with the Custom Manure Applicator in mind.  We have the ability to use Dietrich Injector units and Zoske Cyclone Units.  Row Spacings can vary from 18″ to 30″ depending on your needs.


  • 40ft or 60ft widths
  • 8″ Swing pipe with sweeping 90s
  • 8″ Flotation Tires (Over 9.5″ of tire on the ground)
  • All tires are the same size to minimize down time
  • Vogelsang Distributor
  • Krohne Flowmeter
  • 13′ – 15.5′ Transport width
  • Swing pipe swings to the front for a compact transport
  • Swing pipe brake to assist with turns

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