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(Above) Smart Turner 623 Bulletproof

We are now an authorized distributor for the highest quality manure pumps on the market built by Smart Turner Pumps.  Smart Turner manure pumps are built out of the finest components, all sourced and assembled in North America, out of North American materials. These pumps are used by custom dragline applicators, tankers, and municipal sewage operations as well as industrial applications in the oil sands and coal mines. Smart Turner pumps are built to last for years under heavy usage. Give us a chance to show you why these pumps are better!

  • 100,000+ hour bearing life
  • 1” thick casing
  • 23” impeller – high efficiency – low engine RPMs
  • 4 vein impeller is customized to fit your exact engines torque curve
  • Impeller trimmed to the exact size your engine requires for maximum efficiency
  • 400psi rated mechanical shaft seal – self-lubricating with Glycol Reservoir
  • Extreme resistance to abrasive and corrosive fluids
  • Patented designs that reduce pump erosion
  • Proven durability in the oil sands of Canada and Custom Manure pumpers across North America

The 623 and 823 models are each available in either a standard ductile iron, or in a bulletproof duplex stainless steel. The standard ductile iron model is designed for solids handling of corrosive and abrasive materials.  A step above the standard ductile iron model, is the bulletproof model made out of duplex stainless steel. Duplex stainless steel has been used to pump oil sands but has proven to surpass all current expectations of manure pumps, especially dairy manure. They are designed to handle sand which makes them ideal for dairy manure, which is the leading cause of pump failure for all pumps currently used for dairy applications.

The Endura Seal


The Endura Seal is a Rebuild-able Cartridge Seal that is rated for over 400 psi.  On every Smart Turner Pump there is a Anti-freeze reservoir that lubricates the seal to keep the seal at the optimal temperature which increases the overall seal life.  The Endura Seal installs with four bolts, eliminating the complicated process of installation like the competitors seal.

6 x 4 x 23 Agri - Back View 2

Smart Turner’s 623 Ductile Pump: The 2.75″ shaft along with the strong gusseting on the stuffing box allows all of the wet ends inside the pump to remain flat, minimizing wear and gaining efficiency.

Smart Turner 623SD with SAE Mount




The Ultimate Transfer Pump -The Vertical Cantilever Pump has a minimum of parts, no submerged bearings, no liquid “seals or packing to consider, a massive shaft and bearing arrangement, and is ideally suited to vertical applications where continuous service under difficult conditions would normally present maintenance and down time problems. (Shown in photo to the left)

Please contact us for a quote or to answer any questions you have. We have years of experience in the custom manure application industry as well as first-hand experience with our product line. We will have pumps and parts in our inventory at all times to ensure that you will be taken care of in the event of a break down.  Our goal is to offer you the best customer service, support, and pricing.

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